Hydro Health DDW - Deuterium Depleted Water Made In USA Prevent Disease
Hydro Health DDW - Deuterium Depleted Water Made In USA Prevent Disease

Modern life is the main source of increased deuterium levels, like stress, processed foods, sleep deprivation, obesity, electromagnetic radiation of electronic equipment. All of these and more contribute to the accumulation of deuterium in mitochondria. As a result, these tiny power cells, the true life force of our bodies, fail to produce the energy needed to keep us going and to fight disease.

This is why reducing the deuterium levels in your body is vital.

Before everything else, make sure that your body natural shield against disease is working at its full capacity

While there are lots of foods low in deuterium, no food can even begin to equal the low deuterium content of deuterium depleted water. For example, green and leafy plants contain up to seven times more deuterium than 25 ppm deuterium depleted water.

Why deuterium is to blame for disease and weakened immune responses?

Too high deuterium levels means that deuterium increasingly take the place of regular hydrogens and negatively affect the good functioning of the cells.


How increased deuterium levels can block the aptness of your body to stay healthy:

1. Vital energy production: deuterium that takes the place of hydrogen inside your mitochondria, breaks your delicate cellular “engines.” As a result, the mitochondria loses their ability to produce the cellular energy our body relies on to fight disease and stay healthy.

2. Cellular structure and signaling: when deuterium takes the place of hydrogen as a building block for DNA, body tissue, and organs, it can lead to abnormal cell growth and immune responses.

The good news

Today, the deuterium depleted water makes it fairly easy to keep the deuterium level in your body inside normal values. While ignored for a long time by the scientific and medical community, deuterium depleted water is now largely accepted, both as the foundation for health, and as a shield against premature aging, metabolic problems, and disease.HYDRO HEALTH DDW DEUTERIUM DEPLTED WATER

You don’t need to keep using deuterium depleted water forever if you learn how to manage your levels naturally. Once you learn how to help your own metabolism, your body will do the rest. 


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