Compared to regular drinking water (usually in the range of 150 ppm ( parts per million) 25 ppm means that the water contains 6 times less deuterium

What doctors say:

  • Drinking deuterium-depleted water daily (1-2 bottles) helps reduce the deuterium level in your body;
  • Too much deuterium harms your health by altering mitochondrial functions;
  • Deuterium accumulation accelerates aging and favors cancer cell proliferation;
  • Deuterium-depleted water helps with low energy, trouble sleeping, and slow metabolic detoxification;
  • The deuterium depletion process also helps with depression and oxidative stress-related health issues;

Every batch is tested frequently by the largest commercial isotopic lab in the US.

See Lab Results HERE

If you used to drink 65, 85, or 105 ppm DDW “Preventa”, or if you believe that 25 ppm DDW is not exactly what you want or it is too expensive, then we invite you to start drinking 50 ppm HYDRO-HEALTH. Very good results, for less money!

Our clients who drink 50 ppm Hydro-Health say that this is an excellent, and very affordable option to continue to lower your deuterium level.HYDRO HEALTH DDW DEUTERIUM DEPLTED WATER

For more information on 50 ppm CLICK HERE

If you tested your deuterium level already (which is usually in the range of 145-155 ppm), and you have never tried deuterium-depleted water, then you may want to start drinking 50 ppm DDW and spend less.

Standard delivery time is 10-12 business days with FedEx Ground or USPS. Express deliveries take about 3-5 business days.

Price includes S&H to the contiguous US. For AK, HI, and Puerto Rico, additional freight rates apply.

Domestic and International Deliveries are accepted. For countries not listed, please contact us for shipping options at sales@extralightwater.com

For those who believe that drinking higher ppm waters (like 85 or 105 ) is a better choice, then diluting 25 ppm water at home by adding regular drinking water (usually in the range of 145-150 ppm or more) is a good way to obtain your preferred “ppm” water.

25 HydroHealth, Deuterium-Depleted Water is the best choice for:

Our customers who are serious about lowering the deuterium levels in the body prefer to have a permanent stock of water doses. The 24pcs box is the minimum stock required for 24 days.

Ideal for small bars, like the ones in fitness clubs. Small retail businesses that sell one bottle at a time find the 24pcs box more convenient to order, in comparison to 25 HydroHealth Water Jugs.

25 HydroHealth Water is perfect for meeting rooms, so having a permanent supply is always a good idea. Why not offer your existing and future clients a real treat in the form of the healthiest water available, the 25 HydroHealth Water?


Thinking of trying deuterium-depleted water? See options HERE

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