Here are the facts : research over recent years is indicating that the health of mitochondria is very much lifestyle and diet dependent. Excessive consumption of sugary foods and beverages reduces mitochondrial efficiency. Lack of exercise reduces the number of mitochondria in active cells such as muscle, and they become inefficient, leaking out more free radicals into the cell.

By choosing a lifestyle that includes regular exercise, daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoidance of sugary foods, control of appetite and avoiding smoking, anyone can tune up their mitochondria, which should help to promote a long and very healthy life.

And nothing helps mitochondria like deuterium-depleted water.

When you take off the burden of the deuterium, mitochondria come to life and can handle much better their role in the metabolic processes, including their role when your body is fighting disease.

If only as an adjuvant in treating cancer and other diseases, who may want to ignore the beneficial effects of Hydro Health DDW? We live in an era of great scientific, medical and technological advance, and modern medicine can do wonders. But who wouldn’t want to use every single chance to healing and health?

Hydro Health DDW is as great weapon when you want to fight disease on all fronts.

By diluting the deuterium levels in your body fluids, Hydro Health DDW is helping your body to concentrate its metabolic energy where it is needed most.

How Mitochondrial Disease Affects the Body

The parts of your body that need the most energy – heart, brain, muscles – are most affected by mitochondrial disease. An affected individual may exhibit a spectrum of symptoms.

Brain: developmental delays, dementia, migraines, autistic features, seizure, stroke, atypical cerebral palsy, learning disabilities

Muscles: weakness/failure, cramping, reflux, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, hypotonia, dysmotility

Nerves: fainting, zero reflexes, heat/cold intolerance, pain

Pancreas: diabetes, pancreatic failure, parathyroid failure

Kidneys: renal tube failure

Heart: defects, blockage, cardiomyopathy

Liver: low blood sugar, liver failure

Eyes: vision loss, ptosis, optic atrophy, strabismus, ophthalmoplegia, retinitis pigmentosa

Ears: hearing loss

Systemic: failure to gain weight, fatigue, short stature, unexplained vomiting, respiratory problems


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