With 25 ppm and 50 ppm, our deuterium depleted water have the lowest deuterium content. This is a fact you must take into consideration when you aim to build the healthiest lifestyle possible for yourself and your dear ones.

Our “FACT” campaign is aiming to increase awareness for the proven benefits for health and well-being of our products: 25 HydroHealth (with as low as 25ppm deuterium content) and 50 HydroHealth (with as low as 50 ppm deuterium content).

The lower the deuterium content, the better for you!

Here is a short list of healthy foods that are known to have the lowest deuterium content. Notice that even the lowest deuterium content in these foods is two or three times higher than the deuterium content in our products.

Remember: our products are THE ONLY deuterium depleted water made in the USA!

This means certification, best quality, third party lab tested and peace of mind for you!

Food low in deuterium:
Any salad (on average 136 ppm)
Beetroot (138 ppm)
Avocado (130 ppm)
Grass-fed animal meat (138 ppm)
Animal fats from grass-fed animals (128 ppm)
Plant source fats: olive oil (130 ppm), nut oils (130 ppm), sunflower oil (130 ppm)
Cottage cheese (136 ppm)
Butter (124 ppm)


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